A conversation with ALSAC Event Planner

An Honest Review from ALSAC/St. Jude Event Planner, Angela Halverson.

Angela was so kind to speak with me from Chicago this month for a phone interview. Ms. Halverson has worked for ALSAC [www.stjude.org/careersalsac] for the past five years, planning large scale galas. Despite her experience, nothing could really prepare her for the complexities of the Fitness for a Cure Event in Lowell Massachusetts.

“There were a lot of moving pieces at this event compared to what I am used to,” Angela said. “The level of expertise and evolvement with this event was amazing. I came in not knowing anyone or anything.”

The Fitness for a Cure was founded by Sherri Sarrouf of SLS Fitness [http://slsfitness.com/] fourteen years ago. It is a two part fundraiser for St. Jude featuring a day-time kids event, followed by a night time gala.

According to Angela, having two events in one day is unique in nature in of itself, then throw day raffles, night raffles, live and silent auctions, performances, 75 committee members, and 100 performance team members into the mix. It is downright complicated.

“Working with Alison [Two Chefs Event Planner and office Manager] was my largest source of information for me. Her level of help is indescribable. Two Chefs went above and beyond what I am used to with caters. Alison knew the committees’ needs and she knew the venue better than their own employees,” Angela joked.

With such a large committee and event, so many personalities and opinions came into play. However, Angela bragged that “Alison could make decisions based on her knowledge of all these angles.”

It is not regular procedure for committee members to deal directly with vendors in Angela’s experience and in her eyes, “Alison was so patient”. It was just another reason Angela was impressed with Two Chefs’ service.

Angela first tried Two Chefs food at a tasting. For large fundraisers, weddings, or any event serving more than 100 guests, Two Chefs offers a complimentary tasting. It is a great opportunity for clients to meet the staff and taste the items they selected for their menu. Angela said that most tastings she’s been to are about an hour. They are nothing special, just businesslike and succinct. This was not so when Angela met with committee members as the Two Chefs staff wined and dined them.

“It was such a pleasant experience and meal. We relaxed while tasting and discussing the menu with Chefs Steve, Glenn, and Walter. The chefs and Alison were there to guide us along. The tasting matched what we saw at the event, which made sense to me. But is certainly not what I am used to,” Angela admitted.

“I highly recommend Two Chefs. The food was outstanding and well executed. There were hundreds of meals to go at the same time and the food was hot and the salad fresh.”

“I felt like I was in such good hands and like nothing would slip through the cracks, even with such a big event. I wish Two Chefs were in the Chicago area so I could work with them more!” – Angela Halverson, ALSAC/ ST. Jude

When we hear such high praise from our clients, it makes the months of planning all worthwhile. We thank Angela for her time and kind words. We also wish her the best as her newest project enters the world this summer.


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