Planning with Purpose


Our staff likes to work hard & have fun! Tara (front center) Jamie (left), Joe (back center), and Elise (right) finish strong after a long corporate event for PUMA.

Two Chefs is really comprised of Three Owners-five full time chefs-three event planners-plus prep cooks & an amazing wait staff.  Then of course we bring in others as needed on our larger event.  I, Tara, am one of the event planners and support staff.  I am learning more and more how to cook for my own family and guests and have really been enjoying it.  But I am no expert.  I do know that I love food.  When planning an event with a client, it is easy for me to help create a menu. 


What is the secret to planning a good party? I guess for some, planning comes naturally. I think in most cases it develops over time and with experience. After having three kids and working at a sales job doing home parties, I feel that I have a good handle on how to plan for an event. Two Chefs took my skills to the next level. But no matter if you plan for 15 people or 150 people, the concept is the same.

What is the party’s purpose?

A party can have a lot going on while still remaining true to its main goal. If it is a cocktail party bridal shower, then the focus needs to be on: the bride-to-be, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and can then offer some other options like games or favors. This style party should take place in the evening, with suggested attire, and will involve mixing and socializing rather than the traditional sitting format with all the attention on the bride opening gifs.

Food quantity and quality is key!

Food is usually the focus of every party and menus can be built around the party’s intent. Is it a BBQ, a luncheon, brunch, or dinner? Will you go light or heavy with your servings? Do you want a themed party or do you have guests with allergies? It can seem overwhelming when you look at all the options, but there is no need to stress. Once you call us in the office, we can talk you down from the ledge. We plan events every day. We ask you the right questions to learn what is important to you. Based on experience, we can set you on the right path.

I never want to run out of food at a party, my mom taught me this. Two Chefs never does. Our chefs know based on your quest count, how much food will be needed. In fact, usually our clients have enough food for the next day too. Our food speaks for itself really. Just read our reviews and testimonials. You can find them online or through our website. (95% of our business comes from word of mouth)

Function room at The Space

Setting the Mood.

If you are running around as guests arrive, lighting candles, barking orders, hopping on one foot as you slip on your heels…well that sets a mood right away. It tells your guests that you are totally stressed out and frazzled. Your guests will feel tense and like they need to help you. Be prepared and if you need extra help, ask someone. Two Chefs helps with all the details you need us to. We will light the candles and finish warming your artichoke dip. You can gracefully answer your door and smile at your guests as they enter. Offer to take their coat and direct them to the wine. A relaxed host will put guests at ease, insuring that everyone has a good time. Just because YOU are the one throwing the party, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too!

For more help, feel free to talk with us over the phone…978.970.0212.


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