Fitness for Cure…Celebrating St. Jude’s Research Hospital


Sherri Laffey Sarrouf spoke to Two Chefs about her drive to raise money for the children who need it most.  Sherri is the owner of SLS Fitness and has been a trainer for nearly 20 years.  Her holistic and individualized approach gives SLS clients a new perspective on health & fitness.

Fitness is Sherri’s main passion but it isn’t her only one.  Sherri’s focus on family, philanthropy, and exercise make a perfect trifecta of health.
Fitness for a Cure will hold its 14th annual Fundraising Event on March 16th, 2013. Fitness for a Cure is Sherri’s brainchild and she hopes to pass the torch one day to keep the legacy going.
Fitness For a Cure started small its first year with a team of four children and 10 trainers. One hundred people attended the event and Sherri almost had to buy all the tickets herself.
“It was hard back then because people hadn’t heard of St. Jude’s really,” Sarrouf said while seated behind her front desk.
Sherri felt compelled to give back to the world after delivering a healthy baby in 1999. During her high risk pregnancy, Sherri made a promise to herself. Upon seeing her healthy daughter, she took action. St. Jude’s was her charity of choice. Sherri wanted to work for children and was happy with 87% of every dollar raised going directly to the research hospital.


Fitness For a Cure takes place at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. During the day, kids can join parents for a fun filled day of face painting, food, performances, and more. Locks of Love will be there to collect donations from anyone willing to part with their long tresses. Once evening arrives, the room is converted into a night time gala for adults to be wined and dined. March 16th will mark Two Chefs’ 4th year providing the plated meal for the event.

“Two Chefs goes the extra mile! They love their customers and their product. They remind me of us [SLS Fitness]. Two chefs feels like family now,” Sherri stated.

The gala includes a silent and live auction with a plethora of amazing items donated from businesses all around the Merrimack Valley Region. The most touching moments of the evening definitely derive from the guest speakers, both adults and children, and the performances. The Fitness Team is comprised of all age groups and these volunteers come from many different cities to practice every Sunday beginning in October. For months the team trains with Sherri, who is the head choreographer and who is also glad to receive help from her growing children.

“My kids have always given, it is part of who they are. How do you teach your kids to become philanthropic? By showing them,” Sherri said.

Sherri’s own children, along with the Fitness Team, get to see first hand where all their hard work goes. Every other year the team travels to Memphis Tennessee to visit the St. Jude Research Hospital. The team tours the hospital and visits with the children.
“The hospital is a happy place. Kids just want to be kids,” Sherri beamed. “It is a very emotional trip but so rewarding.”
Now-a-days Sherri has a lot of help with a committee of 80 members and an ever growing team of performers. The day and night time shows pull in about 650 guests each. This is how Sherri “pays it forward” and how she teaches kids to “use their healthy bodies to do something for someone who can’t”.

For tickets, to a make donation, or to volunteer, Please Visit:


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