Two Chefs Takes 1st Place at “An Evening of Sweet Indulgence”

580556_10151418948209551_1259443680_n[1]We know, we know…we are all on diets too. But we still67908_10151413872854551_2125911633_n[2] LOVE dessert! 

Our beautiful chocolate ginger mousse cradled in a sugar lace cookie mold, topped with homemade cream, garnished with mint leaves and fresh raspberries, drizzled with chocolate, and powered with confectioners sugar is truly a sweet indulgence.  I guess that is why we won first place for the Merrimack Valley Region.  Two Chefs is known better for entrees and tasty hors d’oeuvres, but we can throw down a darn good dessert when duty calls.

Lately the buzz in our kitchen is “Healthy Choices”.  We are around food all day.  Food is what we know, love, and do.  In the past year however, our three owners have dropped over 20 pounds each.  This weight loss directly correlates to changing eating habits.  Giving up carbs seems the be the biggest change with our kitchen crew, along with cutting out the unhealthy snacking. 

All of us, even in the office have ramped up our vegetable intake-whether through juicing, in salads, or at meal times.  If you are going to change your relationship with food, it certainly helps to be a good cook.  Glenn’s macadamia crusted salmon, sautéed asparagus and mushrooms, and a mixed green salad tossed with just a touch of orange ginger vinaigrette would make anyone convert. 

But we don’t all have to be a Steve, Glenn, Walter, Katie or Shawn (our head chefs) to eat better. and are two websites I often turn to when I want to find a low-calorie meal for the family.  It is more about choosing baked over fried.  A vegetable over a starch.  Fresh over processed.  Planning ahead can make this less of a burden as well.  Eating healthy on the fly can be challenging.  However, if you shop the perimeters of your grocery store, avoiding all the processed food aisles, your house will already be primed for change.

If you eat smart six days a week, you have earned your day of rest.  Or as I like to call it, your day of cheat.  So be good and your chocolate mousse will feel like a glorious reward, rather than a guilty pleasure.


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